Buffet Clarinets

Buffet makes some of the finest clarinets in the world, widely used and respected by both professional and amateur clarinet players. Buffet offers a range of clarinet models designed for any level of player, including many professional clarinets as well as intermediate and student models.

Perhaps the best-known of the professional models is the R13 clarinet. Originally developed in 1955 it quickly became a popular model and is still in production today, although it has undergone some changes. In the 1990’s the R13 Vintage was released for players who preferred the earlier models of R13. A widely used intermediate model is the E11. Other professional models include the RC and the newest model in the lineup, the Tosca, with a new keywork design.

Most of Buffet’s professional clarinets are available in African Blackwood (also known as Grenadilla or M’pingo) or Greenline.  The Greenline material is 95% wood powder and 5% carbon fiber. Buffet says it significantly reduces the risk of cracking while keeping the acoustical qualities of wood. It also helps to conserve blackwood, since small pieces that were once discarded can now be powdered and used.

Intermediate Buffet models include the E13 and E11, both wood clarinets. Student models are the B10 and B12, which are made of resin.

Buffet’s lineup also includes alto, bass and contra-alto clarinets.

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