Clarinet Brands

You’ll get a lot of argument about who makes the best clarinet but few will argue that among the top manufacturers are Buffet Crampon, Leblanc, Selmer and Yamaha (in alphabetical order – not order of preference!).

Buffet is a long-respeced maker of clarinets, with models for professional, intermediate and student players. Buffet was founded in Paris in 1825, giving these clarinets a long history. It is still one of today’s leading manufacturers, making such long respected models as the R13. Find out more about Buffet clarinets.

Leblanc ClarinetsAnother leading manufacturer, Leblanc also originated in France although it now has US ownership. Learn more about Leblanc clarinets and their model line-up. (coming soon)

Selmer Clarinets LogoSelmer (also with French roots) and Selmer USA distribute a range of beginner through pro level clarinets. Get information Selmer clarinets.

Yamaha ClarinetsYamaha began in the 1880’s in Japan and has grown to be a leading clarinet maker. Yamaha makes several models for beginners, advancing players and pros. Get details on Yamaha clarinets.

While these are far from the only brands they have been leaders and are widely chosen by professionals and experienced amateurs who play classical, jazz and other forms of music.